What is Fat Girl Break Down?

Or more appropriatly, what *was* Fat Girl Break Down? A site that started because we were sick of dieting, sick of being discriminated against, and sick of feeling sick. A "Fat Girl Break Down" is the exact moment you realise, no matter your gender or size, that beauty standards were meant to opress, and that we can all be amazing, beautiful, people no matter what size we are.

The Break Down is the very second you vow to love yourself, take up space, & fuck the system. After the "Break Down," the fat girl has to figure out how to stand her own in a world where "fat positivity" sounds like an oxi-moron to most people, and give those fatphobic assholes something to worry about!

Fat Girl Break Down was a year long collaborative web zine dedicated to fat girls, written & compiled by fat girls, and completely over-run by fat girls & thier allies.

But we can't do it alone! There is still a great need for communities like the old FGBD, and we hope this site will inspire you to start your own fat-positivity projects & communities.

Fat Bottom Girls make the Rockn World Go Round ladies, so give em a spin!

xo courtney trouble

News & Updates

12.02.2004 : Watch out world, FGBD just made a comeback! Well actually, right now it's just a compliation of the best contributions we ever recieved, and a growing list of resources & links. I can't promise anything huge for the future, but I will definatly try to get as many articles & links as I can, and maybe some day I will start a new gallery or something? We'll see. I'm a terribly busy lady I'm afraid.

What's left of Fat Girl Break Down?

The original FGBD.Com domain was a gift from a supporter, but when the domain expired we couldn't get ahold of her to find out how to renew it! The old domain got bought out by a search engine place the day it expired and was completely unrecoverable, The makers of FGBD soon ventured onto other projects (comics, porn, you know...) and the lovely community sadly deteriorated...

Until! Trouble & Ellen Exacto ended up in the same art class at Evergreen and decided that something must be done to preserve the legacy of our beloved community.

We adore & miss all of you and hope that this small tribute site does a little bit of justice. If there's something you'de like to see come back, please e-mail me & I'll see what I can do.


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xoxo fgbd!


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